Parent Handbooks


Performance Standards


School Readiness Goals


Attendance Policy
Dear Parents,

It is the goal of the Family Partnership Staff to fully enroll the required number of children and to maintain full enrollment throughout the program year.

It is important that you know the funds that we receive to operate the program are based on our daily attendance, therefore, it is very important that you send your child to school daily. Low attendance rates may jeopardize program funding and we encourage you to send your child to school everyday. It is equally important that your child arrives to school at 8:15 am every day.
Statement of Philosophy of Discipline


At Passaic Family Head Start we believe the key to discipline begins with a well-planned, organized program. An effectively organized program assists in the development of a child’s self esteem by providing daily opportunities for social and emotional growth.


The daily routine, which includes planning, observation, intervention, and evaluation of a child, is one solution to the practical problem of creating and maintaining a supportive social and emotional climate. The daily routine is designed to provide consistency, which provides guidance to the children and assists them in developing self control.

Community Grievance Policy and Procedures

i1POLICY: Passaic Family Head Start is committed to establishing and maintaining excellent relationships, alliances and support from the parents/families and local community in which we serve. Periodically, situations and concerns will arise in the form of complaints or grievances.

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