Methods of discipline employed by Passaic Family Head Start work when adults are firm, observant, and sensitive to the needs of the children. Adults set examples for children to follow. Therefore, we do not hit children when we want them to learn not to hit; we do not yell at children to stop them from yelling; and we do not belittle children when we want them to learn to be kind to one another.

The methods we use include talking to individual children if they are behaving outside the ground rules and using “time-out” which temporarily removes children from the setting in which the unacceptable behavior occurs. Parent conferences, home visits, and the provision of interventions and/or special service referrals are used when necessary in order to help individual children who may be experiencing learning and/or behavioral difficulties.


This philosophy applies to all staff, volunteers, and program consultants who may come into contact with children at Passaic Family Head Start.


This policy is supported by the Passaic Family Head Start Personnel Policies which imposes penalties for these actions.


Under no circumstances is hitting, corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, or harsh, humiliating or frightening treatment to be used to discipline children.