Whenever your child is absent from school and there is a problem such as illness or other appropriate reasons, you must notify the school immediately. If your child is absent three (3) consecutive days from school due to illness, you must send or bring in a doctor’s note when the child returns to school. The doctor’s note should be given to either the Family Worker or the child’s teacher.


If your child does not come to school for three (3) consecutive days, and you have not contacted us, a home visit will be made to your home to check on his/her attendance. If your child does not come to school for five (5) calendar days, you will receive a warning letter that if his absenteeism is a continuing pattern, your child may be dropped from the program.


We will work to assist you in your effort to send your children to the program on a regular basis. If there is a problem that is causing you to not send your child to school daily, the Social Services Staff is here to assist you and your family.


Put forth your best effort to help us maintain full enrollment and a good average daily attendance.